Our virtual spaces

Atmosphere is important.

That’s why we’re experimenting with virtual spaces.

We have three beautiful virtual spaces that we use for our storyteller gatherings and that we plan to use for future storytelling events. To create our virtual spaces, we create Zoom rooms that tap into people’s senses, add a bit of fun, and create memorable, experiential online events.

The Garden

Our garden is filled with wild flowers, meandering paths, a bubbling stream, insects and birds and animals of all shapes and sizes and origins, and of course, many places to sit, chat, and think. Take a stroll through our herbal garden, meditate on the fish in our pond, or simply enjoy a moment beneath the majestic trees.

Ideal for gatherings and intimate conversation.

The Teahouse

Our Teahouse is inspired by the great glass houses of the world and the Dushanbe Teahouse in Boulder, CO. It is a delight of glass and hand-carved wood, with colourful hand-painted ceramic panels , exotic plants, and lots of light.

Ideal for story circles and smaller story events, this magical space can grow or shrink as needed.

The Theatre

Our theatre is a large, indoor space that we can customise based on the event, performance, or storyteller.

We usually fill the space with round tables and fairy lights so that the audience can see the stage and the storyteller, and meet new people during the breaks, but if you can imagine it, we can (probably) create it!

Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.
– Hannah Arendt