Here’s what REALLY happened (a story circle)

A story circle to STRETCH your storytelling brain…

Storytellers are human too! Like everyone else, we get stuck in a rut, stick to the same stories and the same perspectives, and run out of time to challenge ourselves. 

That’s why we have this story circle. Each month, we’ll propose a story – sometimes a well-known story, sometimes less so. You can choose to stretch yourself and retell the story from the perspective of a character in the story that is different to the “norm”. Come along, tell your story, and receive feedback about the story, new things that you want to try, and more.

Of course, listeners are welcome too, and every teller will also be on hand to advise and give input to those open to hearing it!

Join us! It’s free.

Upcoming events

17 March: Here’s what REALLY happened
New perspectives on The Animals’ Dam – a story circle for oral storytellers
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Great stories happen to those who can tell them.
– Ira Glas